Wine Tourism : From one continent to another...

La Cité du Vin
Conference in french and english
Wednesday, November 6th 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network promotes renowned wine regions for their excellence in tourism. This meeting will discuss about the different meanings of the Wine Tourism industry alongside different wine regions. An interactive conference with chosen speakers will illustrate the different perspectives and notions behind the concept of Wine Tourism.

Jacques-Olivier Pesme will hold an interactive conference with selected speakers who will illustrate the different perspectives/notions of wine tourism the consumer can experience when visiting different vineyards around the world.

Such topics such as the significance of wine tourism, a comparitive analysis on wine figures and regions, economic impact on wine tourism activity, skills and education, and a possible risk : the over frequentation of vineyards, will be discussed.

Master of Ceremonies

Jacques-Olivier Pesme

Professor at the University of Adelaide


Miguel Felipe Ribeiro

General Manager
Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

Philipp Meier

Division Manager for Marketing & Tourism
MainzPlus Citymarketing

Linda Reiff

President & CEO
Napa Valley Vintners

Jennifer Lynch

Executive General Manager McLaren Vale Grape Wine & Tourism Association

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